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Hi, my name is Carlo. I think coding is a skill, and software development is an art. I also think coding is compared to writing in many ways, like rewriting is the best writing; the coding equivalent of refactoring, or like cut out the clutter; the coding equivalent of keeping it simple, and others.

My mission with software development is to serve people with quality software. Whether it is to help them find their next vacation flight or rating video lessons on a training platform, I think the software is a way to serve, people getting value from the software I helped develop. I get this feeling magnified when millions of people use the software daily.

I live in Seattle, Washington, and began my career in Mexico. I've been lucky to help develop complex software, in small and large teams, in the United States and Mexico. My full name is Carlo Eduardo Rodriguez Espino, and I prefer to keep it simple as Carlo Espino.

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Please write to carlo at carlo espino dot com.